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Tin alloy additive

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As low-temperature solder, Tin alloy has been widely used in electronic and photovoltaic industry. But tin alloy is easily oxidation and product solder waster during the using time, this will cause the raw materials wasting and have influence on the product quality, therefore, Telison developed high efficient antioxidants and reducing agent rencently. When the antioxidants added into molten, it can reduce the oxidation and solder wastes, then extend the tin alloy oxidation time and improve the quality of product. Besides, solder wastes can be reused by adding reducing agent  and improve the utilization rate of raw material. In addition, Telison also has developed a new kind of functional additive to improve the electrical conductivity, welding performance and mechanical performance of the alloy.




It can be made into different shapes (powder and block) according to customer’s requirement.


Telison has developed a series of antioxidants; reducing agents and functional additives,
it is easy to use and compatible with scaling powder and molten tin, and widely used in many fields.

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