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Beryllium window, Beryllium foil and Beryllium block

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Product introduction

With light weight, well strength, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and well antioxidant, magnetic-resistance, non-sparking while processing, highelastic modulus, thermal stability and so no, beryllium is widely used in nuclear energy and aerospace defense instruments; atomic energy, electronic industry, aircraft and missile structure materials.


Beryllium window is used in medical transmission and the security device in bus station, subway and airport . It shows good toughness when the Beryllium purity as high as 99.9%, for this reason , the beryllium foil can be used as sound film for upscale loudspeaker box. Besides, Beryllium has the deceleration effect for neutron, so it was made to beryllium block and used as the nuclear reactor material.




Advanced processing technology

Beryllium window:

Beryllium material can be made into requested various shaped products by using the special processing equipment for rare metal.

Beryllium foil:

Telison has set up an independent innovation production process; cutting beryllium material into thin foil by using self R&D multi-wire sawing machine, then use our research equipment and some special process, calender to the final product.

Beryllium block:

It is special polishing process products and well received by the Chinese Nuclear Power Research and Design Institute during the competitive bidding


High Quality

High precision of product size, smooth surface; no pitting corrosion, high quality.


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