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Low-oxygen titanium and titanium alloy irregular powder

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Product Introduction:With HDH technology, Baoji Telison produces high-quality irregular powder of titanium and titanium alloy. Adopting the unique process;the heat treatment of raw materials to control oxygen;and filling argon to protect the whole processing procedure and reducing oxygen at the end of processing procedure. Depending on the advantage of the core equipment patent technology and micro vacuum thermal reduction process technology, Baoji Telison has manufactured  the excellent quality powder.


High PurityLow-oxygen Ti Powder Specification

Low-oxygen Ti6Al4V Powder Specification


Product Features:

        low content of impurities including O;N;H;C;Fe; uniform powder particle size;small apparent density;excellent molding performance; stable batch quality; normal metallic color


Application fields:

        Spherical powder for 3D printing; Powder cold press / warm press sintering; HIP; thermal spraying; MIM; solder; grinding material,etc.

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