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After the stock market closed today,Joint PV  said on Merchants New Energy PV Plant platform of China Merchants Group that Guo Guangchang  ,the chairman of Fosun International,subscribed $15 million of three-year convertible bounds for merging 20MW PV plants.

Fosun International is one of the largest private comprehensive conglomerates,covering medicine,real estate development,steel,mining industry,retailing,service strategic investment.As Chinese Berkshire Hathaway,it also launches the merging activities in world-wide scale with ClubMed included.Considering the insurance business as its core,Fosun International spent 1 billion on acquiring the 80% of shares in Fidelidade,Multicare Cares that were subordinate to the largest insurance group in Portugal in the early 2014’s.It is the most attractive advantage for insurance companies that they can get low-cost insurance funds to invest in PV plants with financial characteristics.In the early time,Taoshi Fund under Ping An Insurance Group has subscribed 1 billion yuan of convertible bounds.


According to the previous announcement,Fosun International has already held 7000 million shares of Joins PV $35 million of convertible bounds that expire next year.


Guo Guangchang,the Chinese Buffett,attaches great importance to Joint PV of Merchants New Energy following in Ma Mingze’s footsteps.It seems that the interaction with senior in China Merchants Group helps Fosun International to learn long-term strategies in the future the innovation about VIP subscription facing to financial leaders is sure to improve the development of PV plant market.Therefore,the large-scale investment world-wide attention are regarded as the two symbols of Joint PV.So many leaders in business circles central enterprises cooperate with this great project predict that the share of Joint PV will be worth more than ten times in the future.

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