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Despite being an issue that knows no borders,affects all is of vital interest to future generations, the environment was low on the agenda ahead of the UK  ""s historic vote to leave the European Union. The short answer to what happens next with pollution, wildlife, farming, green energy, climate change more is we don’ t know - we are in uncharted territory.

In the wake of the U.K.’s vote yesterday to exit the European Union, financial markets began to react — negatively.

In a news report this morning, The Guardian predicted that the market crash will have serious side effects for the large investments needed to grow the country’s renewable energy sector. with incentives for renewable energy development already under attack in the U.K. (see European Solar Market Struggling to Retain Scale), the exit from the EU makes existing incentives that much more vulnerable, The Guardian’s Damian Carrington said. The UK’s commitments to the Paris Agreement also will be in jeopardy, given that it will not be required to move forward with the other EU countries as they work through the process to ratify the treaty (see What’s Next? EU, US Colombia Show They’re Moving Forward with the Paris Agreement).


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