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On January 13th ,2015, Xi 'an Telison new materials co., LTD was listed in Beijing National Equities Exchange and Quotations--A very grand public listing ceremony was held . Li jinzhu( vice-governor of Shaanxi province) as well as Xie Geng (the general manager of NEEQ); Sun quanan(party secretary of Shaanxi SASAC); Wu Yunhao(deputy director securities regulatory bureau of Shaanxi province); Tian Panlong (Shaanxi electronic information group chairman and party secretary); as well as Yan Linbao(general manager);Chang Pengju( chairman of the board of directors of the Telison and the secretary of the party committee); wang yong; Du Zhimin(deputy general manager) , Ma Junzhan(assistant general manager and enterprise development minister) and Chen Qingyi (Xi 'an Telison new materials co., LTD general manager) attended the opening ceremony.

 Opening ceremony presided over by the NEEQ, Mr.Wang Yong (Telison president and deputy general manager) delivered a opening speech, and Liu rui ( general manager & director of China Merchants Securities Company OTC market) ,Tian Panlong (Shaanxi electronic information group chairman and party secretary) also gave speeches respectively. In the applause of the participants, Li Jinzhu(Vice governor )and other leaders rang the bell together to declare Telison   listed NEEQ successfully. 

Xi’an Telison New Materials co., LTD is not only the first state-owned mixed ownership enterprise listed in NEEQ in Shaanxi province,but also a first listed in NEEQ in Shaanxi electronic information group co., LTD. Stock abbreviation of Telison: Telison; stock code: 831699.


Telison successfully listed on National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) marked a new level of development. It means Telison successfully has access to China capital market from a new small company, which leads Telison setting on a new journey with a new look.   

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