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In order to further strengthen Telison management training work, HR department adopted the most direct and effective way to spread company’s strategy planning ; enterprise culture to all the staff. On September 20-21,2015, Telison organized two-days training of strengthen management, improve efficiency .

The training obtained all the departments energetically support and strongly cooperation, more than 180 employees took part in this training including headquarter and production base, a total number of 14 trainers were invited to deliver speeches.

On September 20th at 10:30 a.m, the manager of administration gave a opening ceremony speech about modern talent concept in the 21st century as well as the purpose and significance of this training. The training was starting after she emphasized the importance of meeting discipline.

General Manager Mr. Chen qingyi delivered first training lecture . From the foundation of Telison to grow up steadily, Mr.Chen gave all employees a very vivid lecture on Telison’s history and future so as to all the participants could have a very clear understanding about Telison Subsequently, Mr.Chen introduced to all employees vision and spirit of Telison to help employees understand the company’s social responsibility and goals. The so-called To know the enemy and know yourself, and you can fight a hundred battles with no danger of defeat, by analysis of market trend , Telison has a very clear development goal: being industry leader; setting up the industry benchmark.

Then other trainers gave different speeches from different aspects such as enterprise internal management; production process management, enterprise development plan in detail. Luckily, many interesting methods adopted in their speeches: telling fables; question and answers; playing games;etc. All the participants enjoyed this vivid lively and serious lecture.

This training embodied diversification of training courses; facing all members and full scale, and in order to test the effect of this training,the written examination was carried out after training course.

After two days hard training, all the employees were benefit from  professional introduction of different aspects,besides, all the employees has recognized the problems that exist in their work and hope to correct their issues and make perfect with the help of all members in the future so as to make contribution to Telison further development. 

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