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The national safety month’s theme is strengthen the awareness of the red line, promote the development of safety, all the Telison members managed to try their best to strengthen safety promote safety development with the most resolute attitude and the most stringent requirements to implement the responsibility focusing prevention.


Telison held safety in production month knowledge contest on June 26,2015. And the contest was divides into nine groups with three types: required questions; quick response questions and risk questions. According to the scores, the highest group got 500 RMB reward, the middle group got 300 and the last one got 200 RMB reward, other Eventually through the high and low scores named first, second, and third, respectively, get 500 yuan, 300 yuan, 200 yuan reward group, other team participants got consolation prizes.


All the group members actively participated in the contest in the afternoon, each team participants were addicted to the answering questions and everyone enjoyed warm and high atmosphere in this 2-hours contest activity. When the host announced group ranks, the audience responded with warm applause immediately.


Although Safety in production month activity has finished, our knowledge of production safety should continue to spread so that all the employees could know it deeply and act it in daily work seriously. Just as famous saying goes: Practice makes perfect; learing for practicing;  Genuine knowledge comes from practice,etc. Telison will overcome all obstacles to ensure company safety in production development to promote Telison sustainable development. 

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